Place: Large estate on the South-Side of Glasgow, with more junkies and scumbags per square inch (3.3Cm)than the rest of Scotland. The area has multi-storey flats which attract 'The Salt Of The Earth'.

This area also sees teenage pregancies as a way to obtain council dwellings, methadone habits in kids of the same age, and women with scars/forearm tattoos.

Main attraction is the 'Somerfield' where you can steal batteries for your walkman, and the 'Greggs the Bakers' where the local junkies can bee seen eating a 'Fudge Donut' with the remaining 3 teeth still left in their head.
Tourist - "I hear that Glasgow is a very picturesque city, with a strong line of architecture, and culture. Where do you recommend I visit first?"

Resident - "Well, there's an offie doon at the cross... and there's a Greggs doon next tae the library if ye want a pie... But that's the pure Posh bit o' the Gorbals...
by Scott Kerr March 15, 2006
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Someone who likes to sniff their own farts or anybody elses farts
Bindi:Dude i just farted and it smells so gooood
John: Dude that's sick your a gorbaler
by Andy Czar February 12, 2006
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Gorbals is that one piece of shameful evidence of historical exploitation done to a people, gang-raped by The English. It is the very first organized public housing system that housed many a vulnerable/impoverished person and family. It is a single piece of information that reveals that government/city developers did not know anything about human nature of evolution before they forced folks into this Concrete Jungle. The Gorbals, as with any ghetto, is set up to 'frag' the people not in power.
If one wishes to see the decay of family integrity one need only look at the families that have been forced to reside in the Gorbals.
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
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