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Scots word meaning thirst
pronounced drooth with the emphasis on the 'r'
Scots =ah've goh a terrible drouth
gie us a drap o' tha scoosh
English Translation =I am extremely Thirsty
Pass me over some Lemonaid
by The Equaliser June 2, 2006
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Scots Gaelic which translates as Scotland untill Judgement Day(for ever)
Albainn gu bràth or alba gu brath =Scotland for ever
Éireann go Brách or erin go bragh =Ireland for ever
Vannin go brath =Isle of Man for ever
by The Equaliser June 18, 2006
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Gaelic name = Glaschu Scots name =Glesga
''The Second City Of The Empire''as it was known in Victorian times.The largest city in Scotland ,Shipbuilding giant Located on the Banks of The River Clyde home to about a million people,also the second most populous in the UK.Home to some of the Finest Georgian architecture in Britain.Glasgow has also got more Parks than any other City(Dear Green PlaceFounded in the 6th century by St Mungo Who is the Cities Patron Saint.Football plays an important part in Glasgow ,Hampden Park Ibroxand Celtic Park being the three Largest Stadiums in Scotland.Hampden Park used to be the Largest Football Stadium in the World untill the 1950's
Glasgow isMiles Better used to be the official slogan
Glasgow Became European City of Culture in 1990
by The Equaliser June 2, 2006
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Glasgow in the Scots Language(NOT Slang!}
Glesga is how the majority of people Refer to Glasgow in the Lowlands (nothing to do with neds)
by The Equaliser June 2, 2006
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Nickname for King Edward I 1272-1307(note England only)
Or as he preferred to be called 'The Hammer of the Scots'.Persecuted The Jewsand forced them to wear a yellow star to identify themselves(sounds familiar?He ordered the execution of Hundreds of Jews and finally ordered to have them expelled(over 600 years before hitler)

Conquered Wales in 1284, Then turned his attention to Scotland interfering in royal matters that had nothing to do with him. Helped appoint a Puppet King ,John Balliol in Scotland ,A Yes man ,he could control, in his efforts to conquer the Northern Kingdom.
He installed English garrisons in Scottish Castles and Forced The Scottish King to Swear Loyalty to him .A Brutal man who crushed any one who dared oppose him,after stealing the Scots ancient Coronation stone The Stone Of Destinyand had it placed under his own Throne in Westminster, he thought he had conquered his Northern Neighbour,Of Course he was Wrong!

Enter William Wallace Who totally Fucked up Longshanks Plans north of the Border,of course he was later betrayed and delivered to Edward and executed in 1305. Longshanks thought at last he had subdued the Scots when up sprang Robert The Bruce.The Bruce was Crowned King of Scots In open Defiance in 1307. The same year Longshanks died on the Scottish Border whilst en-route to ''crush''his opposer.He was Buried in Westminster Abbey in a lead Casket only to be transferred to a Regal Gold casket only when Scotland was Truly conquered and part of the Kingdom of England .Succeded by his son Edward II,Later to be thoroughly defeated by the Scots in 1314 at the battle of Bannockburn.
Longshanks is still buried in a LEAD casket!
by The Equaliser May 31, 2006
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ITs what the Scots are really really good at!
The Clyde in Scotland was home to the best shipbuilding on Earth
by The Equaliser June 2, 2006
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Sir William Wallace Scottish Patriot and Martyr ,Murdered by the fuckin English in 1305.Totally unheard of outside of Scotland untill Mel Gibson Starred as him in Braveheart now everyone has heard of him! COOL!
englishman: hey that william wallace was a made up character
me: Shut up you stupid english prick before I destroy you!
by The Equaliser May 31, 2006
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