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A quick and discrete look at someone's ass.
Herbert: Mamacita alert! Danny, get a glance at this specimen!
Danny's head spins 360 degrees to survey the horizon
Danny: Oh Herbert, you really know how to spot em'
Herbert: Da fuck is up with your neck!!! I'm calling the exorcist!!
by SirLunchbox February 28, 2016
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Doper then appears.
I Glanced at it once.... And I knew that shit was dope!
by JUSTAWHO? November 11, 2019
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Feeling put out or upset. Not happy with an outcome of an event.
They don’t have anymore bangles at Starbucks and I am so glanced.
by TxnNY May 20, 2021
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1. something that shows you a date or schedule fast and to the point

2. A local band from New Jersey Very Good
1. I just looked at my At A Glance Calender and i have nothing planned for saturday.

2. Man I just Listened to an awesome song by At A Glance
by Aladinsane85 March 24, 2005
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when u look at a girl quickly then stop
i glanced at that girls leng bunda
by Syph Duckie March 1, 2021
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Enjoying to watch sex between animals and property
He glances at his dog and its coconut.
by Klabauter October 31, 2011
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