Blowing your load on 80's style bangs and then wiping the bangs slick to the forehead head
Me and my boy Barry gave your mom a glamour shot last night Mitch. Beeeeoootch!
by Espzu December 3, 2016
A professional photo studio that gives you a makeover before taking your photos. Lots of people think Glamour Shots is all about big hair and dramatic makeup but it isn't anymore. Glamour Shots shoots a lot of senior pix too.
I'm going to have my senior pix done at Glamour Shots.
by Chantel2982 February 1, 2006
to ejaculate on to your partners face then throw glitter at her face causing the glitter to stick for days
I gave kelli a glamour shot last night.
by zackr6912 September 19, 2010
A place in the mall where ugly girls go to get thier picture taken. Glamour shots has a make-up artists on site to make you up before they take your picture.After the glamour shots treatment, most girls leave with photos making them look like ugly drag queens instead of mere ugly girls.
"OMG, I started laughing when Nicole showed me her glamour shots.I just couldn't keep it in, she really thinks she's cute!"
by Nastina August 25, 2005
Term used to describe a direct hit on the tip of the penis when playing Nut Ball.
Mark hit me with a glamour shot this morning, and now my dick will not become erect. What the fuck am I supposed to do now???
by CMEN December 31, 2005
A fun fashionable girl that loves to party and make her own fashion line. She's perfect for filling your closet with clothes. She also loves to make her own fabric.
"Look at her clothes. She's a definitely a Mikalyn Glamour Shot."
by Mya 1234567890 July 8, 2015