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A game where two or more males stand some distance apart on a hard, flat surface and take turns bouncing a tennis ball at each others nuts. The ball may be thrown as hard as desired but it must bounce at least once before striking the nuts. The target may not move or impede the ball in any way, the penalty for doing so is another attempt by the thrower. Women are sometimes allowed to play but a handicap such as reduced clothing or standing closer to allow a good pelvic bone shot.
Let's get drunk and play some Nut Ball
by Doonkaba January 02, 2005
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A game consisting of guys sitting in a circle with their legs spread, exposing their testicles while taking shots from a thrown object from other opponents in the circle. At the start of the game, one guy will toss the throwing object, which can be anything from a wiffle ball to an apple to a baseball. If the thrown ball misses the target's testicles, then the target receives the ball and has one chance to hit another opponent. This process repeats itself until a player is hit in the testicles, rendering him in severe pain and out of the round. If a player successfully hits an opponent in the nuts, then the player is granted the ball again for another shot at another opponent. A round is complete when all the players quit from mercilessly bruised testicles.

-A player can rejoin a round once the testicular pain has subsided
-A player is out of the game if they flinch, close their legs, or block the nutshot in any way.

-Wearing jeans is frowned upon, as they add high resistance, making a a clear shot to the nuts more difficult, while making a successful shot less painful.
Girl: Can I play nutball with you guys?
Guy: Do you have nuts?
Girl: No.
Guy: Then no.
by yomanitsnoah December 12, 2012
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adj. possessing a dangerously low sanity level. having no capacity for complex thought. completely crazy.
Why is that girl drinking out of the toilet? She's nutballs!
by BnessEnvy January 19, 2007
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Throwing a ball at an opponent's testicles untill someone can't take the pain anymore.
by Riley April 24, 2003
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A game involving a ball of some sort being tossed at your garbage... until one person takes to many hits and quits.
hey cory get your camera me and drew are gonna play some nutball
by matt miller November 27, 2002
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a game played in which 2 or more male players wear only jock straps and sit on the floor legs stratled. they take turns throwin a ball (this cna be any ball) at eachother nuts. the ball must be lobbed, no chicking. the person gettin hit must not obstruct the path of the ball.
did you see that episode of jackass where they played nut ball, that must have hurt
by the cheat February 19, 2003
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term of endearment for a girl who cannot refrain from crackin jokes in any setting. the humor best displays itself in awkward situations, and generally makes for memorable first impressions. Of course, this un-bridled humor leaves her second guessing herself at times because she would never want to offend, but this feeling never lasts more than a few minutes. She's too sweet to mean any harm, so it rarely backfires as pissing someone off.
Hey, have you met that girl Stephanie?

Yeah, she's a nutball!
by smpete5 February 09, 2010
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