A game where two or more males stand some distance apart on a hard, flat surface and take turns bouncing a tennis ball at each others nuts. The ball may be thrown as hard as desired but it must bounce at least once before striking the nuts. The target may not move or impede the ball in any way, the penalty for doing so is another attempt by the thrower. Women are sometimes allowed to play but a handicap such as reduced clothing or standing closer to allow a good pelvic bone shot.
Let's get drunk and play some Nut Ball
by Doonkaba January 3, 2005
a game played in which 2 or more male players wear only jock straps and sit on the floor legs stratled. they take turns throwin a ball (this cna be any ball) at eachother nuts. the ball must be lobbed, no chicking. the person gettin hit must not obstruct the path of the ball.
did you see that episode of jackass where they played nut ball, that must have hurt
by the cheat February 20, 2003
nut-ball is a game a lot of us cadets play -- first, everyone gets naked and sits on the floor with their nut-sack exposed. Then they take turns throwing a basketball at another guy's ball-bag. They continue this until somebody "scores" by getting a direct hit on the guy's nuts and he rolls on the floor groaning. The loser has to give a blowjob to all the other guy's playing.
Oh shit man, we played nut-ball last night and I lost so I had to suck everybody off and swallow their cum!
by USAF Cadet September 16, 2021
Deflecting a ball in a sport with your testicles.
Zac was totally nut balling in that last game.
by Pikajew69 September 22, 2016
an object which represents the start of a task
i'm gonna be a millionaire once i get this damn nut ball moving
by derek yip April 26, 2004
When you nut decides to turn into a ball while in a girls pussy, or in a mans ass
by BIG_PP_MANNNNS September 4, 2020
1) Totally insane.
2) Rushed or hurried. Busy.
3) Out of control.
1) Yo, that girl from last night won't stop calling me!! She's nuts as balls!
2) We had this huge shipment come in late last night and had to get everything moved in before our shift ended... It was nuts as balls!
3) My brakes went out on the way over here... It was nuts as balls!
by Benji G October 18, 2006