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A person who believe's Trump's reported weight is a conspiracy.
Bro, come back to planet earth, don't be a girther.
by suchiekins January 17, 2018
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Someone who does not believe heath statistics promulgated by the government
Look at him chow down, now way he weighs an ounce under 239, Have you read any of the Girther blogs?
by Lewdster May 03, 2018
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A shit unimaginable in size; A terrific shit, one that stretches the boundaries of one's anus.
Ron: We better find a bathroom fuckin fast cuz I have to take a mad girther

Katie: That's disgusting...

Ron: Don't act like you don't shit bitch I know you took a girther in my bathroom last night cuz that shit wont flush right anymore. Now I have to go fuckin call a plumber and get that shit snaked out. What the fuck, honestly, Katie. Like why wouldn't you be considerate and at least fucking double flush. Like, I'm sure it was part toilet paper, but fuck. Just think next time. Think.

We should see other people...
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by lil fireplace nigga July 05, 2017
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A conspiracy theorist who believes that Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) did not send a lewd photo of his underoos to a woman that is not his wife via Twitter. May also refer to conspiracy theorist who debate whether the photo is of Rep. Weiner's "long form" or "short form".
Yea, FireDog007 at Kos totally smacked down those Girthers. He said that the picture was not Rep. Weiner because his name is Rep. Weiner ergo his family is known for size of same and the picture is obviously nothing to name your family after ipso facto it is not Rep. Weiner.
by Harvey Ploughjogger May 31, 2011
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