The best kind of girls. Used by the one and only Louis Tomlinson.
Definition of word: the girls that Tommo likes.
Used in a sentence: I like girls who eat carrots
by thechOnce December 28, 2021
“I like girls that eat carrots” -Louis Tomlinson

Meaning “I like girls who like blowjobs

x x
Louis: I like girls who eat carrots...
Niall: 😂*WTF*
Liam: *you like girls????*
Zayn: *did you say girls??????*

Harry: 👁👄👁*girls?!?!?!?!*
by Letsbelonely September 14, 2020
They are not actual humans, they are fucking rabbits, don’t trust a girl who says that they eat carrots, because girls hate carrots
Fucking run if you meet girls who eat carrots, bunnies only eat carrots
by Fakearoon January 10, 2021
Multiple women who like to eat a certain orange vegetable (carrots)
"I'm a girl who eats carrots"
"Yea, but I hired you to kill him, not to talk about your Veggie Addiction, Janice"

"Girls who eat carrots are vegans"
"That's not how it works dude"
by u made brO? February 3, 2021
Either this girl has a horse and lives on a bunny farm or she’s an FBI agent who has really good eyesight.
Mom: The mall invasion got so bad that they had to send the girls who eat carrots.
You: Wow! That must have been serious. They have a good eye being able to catch all the culprits.
Mom: must have been all the carrots they ate.
by Coolcat11:11 September 4, 2021