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A group of obnoxious children traveling together in a herd.
Elderly Lady: ugh the obnoxion are back tramping the streets again.
Young child: I love the obnoxion!
Elderly Lady: That’s your choice if you want to join their hooligan cult.
by Coolcat11:11 September 4, 2021
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when u hate someone because your friend hates them
Linda: i hate that bitch sally bc she slept with my ex
Susan: omg in that case, i hate her too and now we have proxy beef
by Coolcat11:11 April 18, 2023
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Officer: I just went down to the county jail and saw a rotating villain. It’s pretty rare that we see that form of punishment anymore because it’s pretty medieval.
Child: Wow cool.
by Coolcat11:11 September 4, 2021
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Either this girl has a horse and lives on a bunny farm or she’s an FBI agent who has really good eyesight.
Mom: The mall invasion got so bad that they had to send the girls who eat carrots.
You: Wow! That must have been serious. They have a good eye being able to catch all the culprits.
Mom: must have been all the carrots they ate.
by Coolcat11:11 September 4, 2021
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The question you may ask yourself when you have no idea what to do with your life anymore. You may just have searched this on the internet to see what would come up.
Your s/o just broke up with you and your family is ignoring you and you have depression and you are stuck in your house because of Covid
What now?
by Coolcat11:11 September 4, 2021
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When you go to a grocery store for butter but nothing has labels.
You: well I went to the supermarket for cake ingredients and I got this ghetto spread. There is a high likelihood that it’s either butter or hemorrhoid cream.
by Coolcat11:11 September 4, 2021
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