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“I like girls that eat carrots” -Louis Tomlinson

Meaning “I like girls who like blowjobs”

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Louis: I like girls who eat carrots...
Niall: 😂*WTF*
Liam: *you like girls????*
Zayn: *did you say girls??????*

Harry: 👁👄👁*girls?!?!?!?!*

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Code for swallowing cock
Why didn’t you respond to my call yesterday?

Sorry I had an oat in my throat!

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Larry stylinson is a mix of the two names Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson and is commonly used by “Larries” as a way of talking about the two love birds relationship.
“ I love Larry Stylinson” -Louis Tomlinson

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The anniversary date between Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson.
Many activities surrounding Larry stylinson occur on September 28th

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louis tomlinson is a very beautiful and talented man. he is assumed to be queer but it is still unknown. he is a wonderful and supportive artist. he is from doncaster england and he has 6 half sisters and one half brother.
is louis tomlinson gay?
i dont know i thought he was bi?
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