Queen. A beautiful Italian women who always gets her way. Great lover and a hard core hater. Very hot and cold. But no matter what sexy as hell!
by a.truth.to.be.told February 07, 2010
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an insanely hot girl, usually european. very athletic with good body. has a great personality, very friendly and very outgoing. is hard to read but not afraid to share her feelings if your close to her. may seem stuck up but is actually very down to earth.

the girl every girl is jealous of and every guy wants to date!
idk man, must be a gina!
by italianboy101 February 03, 2011
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An extremely attractive woman who knows exactly what she wants and always gets her way. Men are very attracted to her and wind up leaving their partners to be with her. Usually has very long dark hair, big juicy lips, and a voluptuous figure with an amazingly perfect rack. Mixed in heritage.
I just met Gina at work, and dayum she is fine!
by HotMamiLover December 23, 2009
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Origin of the name is Celtic, Old Greek, Latin and Japanese.

Italian: Queen
Old Greek: Noble
Latin: Virgin
Celtic: Lady of the people
Japanese: Silvery
Gina is so charming, beautiful, and outgoing no wonder the people like her.
by Namesrus February 07, 2010
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1a anything that is not a vagina
1b a beautiful object that is not a vagina
2a a wonderful, beautiful, sweet girl who is the most intelligent, most special person that you will ever meet
2b an incredibly awesome and hilarious person
2c a wonderful girl who is not a vagina or a ginger
3 in case i forgot to mention: not a vagina
1 Did you see that gina? It was obviously not a vagina.
2 Did you see Gina? She's so wonderful, beautiful, sweet, intelligent, special, awesome, hilarious, and non-vagina-ish.
3 What was that? Oh, not a vagina. Okay.
by Jimmy's Son November 27, 2011
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Girl (guys are ginos), and very italian. Normally they're pretty hot. They go to clubs, every week. They wear some of the hottest clothes there is, and always know were the parties are at. AKA the best girl to date!
WOAH! i just saw a gina and was like DAAAAAAYUMN. i wish my girlfriend was a gina.
by Dannie Lynn February 22, 2007
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a girl that likes to get freaky. often times gets what she wants no matter what. Loves kinky sex but also passionate at times. Usually a girl who has a nice arch in her back and a perfect ass. Medium skin tone with nice curves.
bob: what did you do last night?
george: i was with gina, it was a long night. pullin hair and spankin ass dude. Im exhausted! SHE WAS A REAL GINA
by fanker December 09, 2007
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