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Gilgit is the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan and the city Gilgit forms a tehsil with in the Gilgit District. Gilgit-Baltistan is the Northern Part of Pakistan and geographically its boundaries touch China, India and Russia and the wahkhan Belt of Afghanistan.

The word 'Gilgit' is derived from a word 'ghiregharat' that means a place lying betwixt hilly area.

The local dialect that is spoken by most of the population in this region is Shina.

There are many other regions lying in this highland are associated to it due to the cultural uniformity and common normative, are Ghizer, Diamer, Hunza, Nagar, Astor.

The Shina language is versatile in its accents as at every 16 miles the way of oral expression varies.

The most beautiful places to visit in Gilgit are Naltar Valley, Fairy Meadows, Bagrote Meadows, Haramosh Pastures, Astore Valley, Deosai Meadows, Rama Lake, Phunder Valley, Yasin Valley and the historical Kargah Valley.

Apart from above all Gilgit as an agency includes the Baltistan region in it. Skardu is the main hub of the Baltistan region. The most beautiful parts of the Baltistan region are Deosai steppes, Shigar Valley, Satpara Lake, Shangrilla, Kachura, Basho. Skardu is famous for its highest peaks.

The Gilgit-Baltistan region includes about 126 world's highest peaks of which the famous peaks are K-2, Diran, Gasbrum range, Rakaposhi and Nangaparbat. The region is daintily filled with exquisite natural beauty and is the worldly heaven.
Gilgit is the most beautiful place on the planet earth.
Polo is the regional (cultural) game of Gilgit.
by Kazmi May 14, 2010
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