Verb meaning to fuck up something seemingly idiot proof
Wow you really gigged up those command log entries , they were so simple.
by Harbor dictionary April 02, 2016
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to laugh in a sarcastic way, or in a way that you are in dis belief that someone just said something
and so he said that’s why Donald trump is the best president ever, i gigged

I gigged.
by Nicki.minajs.son September 01, 2020
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defeated an opponent in a way that's just embarrassing. Shaq used to describe besting opponents, such as Manute Bol, as "giggin' on 'em" during his rap career.
How was your soccer match?

We were tied at one goal a piece until about the fiftieth minute, and then we gigged on 'em, and won, like, five-one.

That's the tits.
by Jackson Money July 01, 2009
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The process of bending over and loosening your sphincter so that air enters your colon, and when the most air possible is in, blowing it out in an explosive fart (odorless and fun). If gigger has not been to the bathroom to do number 2 recently, he might be embarrassed when pellets of shit come out when gigging.
Nathan man do The Gig, but watch out for them pellets.
by Nathan P. "The Gigmaster" January 05, 2007
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1. A job, usually in the entertainment injustry.
2. An abbreviated form of "gigabyte."
3. A verb meaning to use a spear-like implement to stab into a small animal such as a fish or frog.
1. For a day gig I do editing for the Food Channel.
2. I have a 60-gig drive you can borrow.
3. My cousin and I went out frog gigging last night.
by the other theo July 02, 2004
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