A tik tok without audio, but better.
Human 1:I hate GIFs.
Human 2:At least they're better than a tik tok.
by d0reo March 01, 2021
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They are little a present when you open them
whoa man, that gif really open my eyes to a whole new world. thanks bruh, gifs are awesome!
by Bruhdaddy September 09, 2018
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Girl I'm Fucking - Another easy to understand explanation
Stacy is the my GIF at the moment, but Amber is on the radar too!
by Insidivs May 16, 2010
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A rum drinking animal common to the Eastern parts of Australia. Few have witnessed its drinking ability, but those who have debate whether is man or beast. When engaged in its mating activites it is often mistaken for dancing. To be treated with caution..Females are most at risk.
"Is that Gif?? wow he sure drinks like him!!"
by Suds McDuff August 18, 2006
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When somebody sends an animated GIF via text message, and you can see the animation. Most commonly used when the GIF isn't giffing.
Phil sent everyone a GIF using his StarTAC flip phone, but the image isn't giffing.
by Redrider93 July 05, 2012
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A file extension only a moron would believe is real...
Was it a '.gif'?

no, it was a '/gif'

oh! I've heard of that!
by Chocolate Thunder November 11, 2004
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