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A word that will cause the next Civil War over how it's pronounced.
Tony: It's Gif

Steve: No it's Jif

by pfi March 22, 2016
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Gif stands for Graphic Interchange Format. Basically, it’s a short moving picture.
I sent a funny gif to my friend.
by Er... bandictionary? May 11, 2020
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the file type they wont stop using when theres better alternatives
big brain guy: yesnt
by someone who is ____ March 18, 2019
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Graphics Interchange Format. GIFs are image files that are compressed to reduce transfer time. The proper pronounciation of the acronym is a soft "g" sound: like JIF.
The creators of the format, Bob Berry & Steve Wilhite, claim that this soft "g" sound is used. At some point one of them said, "Choosy programmers choose GIF," a play on the peanut butter commercials where "Choosy moms choose Jif." It can also use multiple images for animated effects (animated GIFs).
I'm using a GIF because it's just faster to up/download.
Hey, the dancing Stewie animated GIF you put on your myspace is awesome.
by Willow Jones June 10, 2006
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A form of computer image that moves as an animation, because it consists of frames, like a movie with no sound.
Bring up the topic of 'How do you pronounce "GIF"?' to a group of nerds and watch them duke it out, verbally.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 13, 2003
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It means Graphics Interchange Format, pronounced with a hard G. It's not Jraphics Interchange Format!
Person 1:I hate when people pronounce GIF with a G at the beginning!
Person 2 *writes an entire essay on why person 1 is wrong*
by QueenBeef February 21, 2015
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