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Joining the ranks of odd trends like extreme ironing and planking is Gibleting — a testicle-themed gag that involves liberating one’s testicles in a normal social setting. Gibleting is the world's newest adrenalin sport, combining the thrill of social activity with the satisfaction of getting one’s scrotal unit (i.e. giblets) out in the open air.

Part of the attraction and interest towards gibleting seems to centre on the issue of whether it is really a sport or not. It is widely considered to be tongue-in-cheek.

From its modest beginnings as a festive distraction during a staff Christmas party, Gibleting has has become a one-of-a-kind mix of performance art and danger sport.

Whether conducted solo or in a group, some locations where such performances have taken place include a club in central London, a park, on the street and in the London Welsh RFC bar.
- 'Dude this party is so dry. I might just start gibleting now.'
- ' If in doubt get them out!'
by Trotsky's Icepick December 17, 2012
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When a poorly endowed but energetic male accidently deposits his scrotum as well as his penis inside the vagina of his female partner.
Maureen said to Sue and Candy 'he was so fuckin' tiny he ended up gibleting me'.
by Mike Sears August 29, 2004
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Engaging in wanton sexual acts with poultry, including the use of poultry in masturbation.
"Ian is gibleting that chicken real good."
"Gary has given that turkey a serious gibleting." (see also stuffing)
"Mom, Mark is gibleting himself with the leftover drumsticks again."
by Ficken Chucker August 25, 2007
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