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1. A fag.

2. Possible homosexual who roots for a pathetic baseball team that represents the gayest city in the United States.
Guy 1: "Are those two guys making out??"
Guy 2: "Silly Giants fans.. dicks are for chicks."
by fucknorcal September 09, 2012
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The kind of Fans that love their team and hate the dodgers.
I hate the Dodgers because i'm a Giants fan
by Jeffy4583094853 July 25, 2005
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In Japan, anyone who supports the Yomiuri Giants is either a bandwagon fan, a glory hunter, or both. The number of those fans has gotten smaller in recent times because the Giants have really sucked.
As soon as the team plunged into the cellar, the Giants fan started cheering for another team.
by KRHimself June 04, 2005
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All the san francisco giants fans are gay.Its a fact.
giants fans: man why haven't we won a world series since 1954? Man, we suck.
by giants blow July 12, 2008
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Giants Fan once beat 7 bouncers asses who interupted him learning to shoot free throws from Lute Olsen on an elevator while eluding terrorists and on his way to give blood he drew himself and stored in his survivor backpack.
by Geek Board July 28, 2003
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(see- "fairweather fan")
(see- "pompous douche")
In typical fashion, the Giant's fan left the game with less than five minutes to go because they were down by more than a touchdown and traffic would be bad.
by True Sports Fans January 17, 2009
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