1. Someone who supports the most successful clubs at the time
2. Has little knowledge of the club's true history, and has never been to a game
3. Overuses phrases and mottoes (ie: YNWA)
4. Right now, they are Manchester united, Barcelona, and AC Milan fans who mainly live in the US.
5. Someone who will switch from one team to the next once they start losing
6. Someone who gets deeply involved in petty internet fights (ronaldo vs. messi, soccer vs football, etc.)
7. Someone who tries to justify when their team did not do well, even though they probably haven't even heard of them at the time (ie: Franco helped Real Madrid)
8. Gloaters
9. Most of them support every single team who's top in the table of their respective leagues at once
Barcelona fans who rant about how much messi is better than ronaldo (BOTH AMAZING PLAYERS), not need to get all fired up. Most americans support Barcelona, as well as AC milan and manchester united....glory hunters just want to gloat
by confessedrealmadridfan March 22, 2011
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Someone who supports a team in the Premier League that is fashionable and/or very successful at the time. In recent times used in reference to a Chelsea fan due to their rapid success now they have loads of money from a dodgy Russian.
"They aren't real fans, they're just a bunch of glory hunters jumping on the bandwagon!"
by half orange December 20, 2006
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characteristics of glory hunters.....

1. will often choose a big club which is guaranteed of years at the top bracket of clubs
2. have no connection to the club
3. foreign to the country and city of the club
4. will overuse club mottos (which makes it more evident)
5. never been to many games (if not any)
6. will never go many games ever
7. will use the excuse of geography to not go to games
8. have limited merchandise before the successful years (most likely none)
9. does not know the history, chants or culture of the club
10. always in the armchair during matchdays
11. uses the talk of tactics and transfers to compensate for the lack of all round knowledge of the club (history and culture of the clubs, attendance of games, lack of knowledge or care factor about the direction of the club off field etc.)
12. will not be effected by football tragedies as much as locals
13. will often be the most biased towards to compensate for the glory hunter status
14. will show more hate for other clubs to compensate for their glory hunter status
15. have a club in their own country, don't have the guts to support them
16. will never talk about the years before the club started to become successful
17. at games (if attended) will be the quiet ones who never chant or make a noise
Hi, my name is Coconut Baron. I am from USA. Never been to any games, only have 5 jerseys, only supported after 1999 and think i am a true manchester united supporter. I never miss a game on tv and always on the internet a minute after fulltime. I live too far away to attend any matches. I guess that doesn't matter. Glory, Glory, Man Utd.

person hearing that thinks "pfft, what a glory hunter lol"
by true football fan November 28, 2007
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These people have NO interest in their national team UNTIL the team becomes successful. All of a sudden millions of insecure souls CLING to every victory. It's a sorry sight, but quite common in England! Glory Hunters only follow a team while the successes roll in .... once the team does badly they look to another sport or team!
The England football team is very average. The glory hunters can't get their fix from soccer so they look elsewhere. Cricket was unpopular in England before August 2005. All of a sudden the England team does well in The Ashes. WHAM! Millions of people become temporary fans, until the success fades away. These people are glory hunters! In 2003 England won the Rugby World Cup, and many people jumped on the bandwagon. By 2005 most of these people had lost interest in Rugby, as the national team wasn't performing as well.
by I P Freely September 8, 2005
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A fine example of this would be Zaman Hussain. Who says he supported Man UTD for ages but yet failed to even go to one of his games!!!!!!
by Ste M June 18, 2010
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Cockneys who support Manchester United. Not all MUFC fans are glory hunters though...
'You stupid southern twat, why don't you support your local team?! It's genuine Mancunian fans like me who have to take the flack for you dickheads!' - me
by zutroy July 8, 2004
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Someone who always supports a team who they think will win.
Mike is a glory hunter. He suddenly is a supporter of Arsenal.
by MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH November 26, 2013
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