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Generally refers to an extremely intelligent man, better looking than the everyday George Clooney, who is socially acknowledged as out of every woman's league.
It is a proven fact that a man with the name Giancarlo has a 87% better chance of becoming a porn star or Calvin Klein model than any other man.

Women who are fortunate enough to meet a Giancarlo always attempt to seduce him, always to no avail. Ultimately a Giancarlo will choose a woman after many years of confirming the woman to be worthy. These women are considered luckier than than people who win the lottery.
-"Hey man, I thought I was well hung but then I was at the gym with Giancarlo."
-"You should have known even horses are scared of guy's named Giancarlo."
by thealessandroshow September 23, 2011
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amazing, smart, athletic, handsome, cute, hott, has a 6-pack, very very sexy, the boy every girl dreams about, the most perfect bf, although taken by the best, is amazing on the drums, an amazing kisser, very good in math, someone who gives good advice, looks out for the one he loves, and amazing in bed
girl 1: Wow! Did you see Giancarlo????
girl 2: Yeah!!
girl 1: -sigh- hes so cute!!!
by superchickk:) July 25, 2010
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Word commonly used for a hot latin man. Normally used in the Caribbean.
"Girl I saw this giancarlo the other night at a party, god I want a piece of that pie."
by Sabroso February 20, 2008
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Considered a god in bed with the BIGGEST of all dicks
Did you see that giancarlos over there every one wants to be with him
by Death__662 May 20, 2018
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Name for an Italian man, also a famous race car driver, Giancarlo Fisichella.
Did you hear? Giancarlo and Josh are gonna fight each other tomorrow after school!

And Giancarlo Fisichella comes in Fourth place in the formula 1 race!
by Josh Ownsz Yew October 09, 2006
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Giancarlo is an amazing, handsome man with black hair and deep hazel eyes that anyone could get lost in. He is usually hard and tough on the outside and will crack a couple a joke before he will open up to you. Consider yourself Incredibly lucky if one opens up to you he will rarely do so. Once he does so he’ll be the most loyal person on earth and consider you his own. Before you gain his trust you must give him a reason to trust you.
Guy: He’s so annoying

Girl: You’ll get used to Giancarlo when he gets used to you
by Itz Auds November 05, 2018
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