Gian is somebody who has the biggest and warmest heart. He’ll easily make new friends and catch the attention of people. He’s got both incredibly good looks and good attitude, and sense of humor. He’s a very caring person who always looks out for his friends and wants the best for them. It’s difficult not to have a good time whenever he’s around. He always tries to keep things positive and succeeds, and never fails to make you laugh. Gian is a fighter.

May cause your heart to erratically pound.
Imagine getting railed by Gian 🤩
by vnsmph January 12, 2021
An incredibly hot and good looking Asian or white guy. Gian’s have many alike features like black hair or blonde hair. They are often found attractive and are great guys to have around. Gians also are great guys for a wingman due to their great Asian decent or European decent. You never want to mess with a Gian or else they will send a squad after you or they will come after you instead. If you ever meet a Gian remember to cherish them.
Boy 1: is that ur friend Gian over there
Boy 2: yea he got me a girlfriend

Boy 1:damn I want to be Gian’s friend
by Jake from burger king February 13, 2019
Gian is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. he is sooooo handsome and the best boyfriend everr. Once you love him, youll never get over him. he will make u the happiest girl in the world
I wanna go out with Gian
by Dandleeee May 12, 2019
To be extremely good at something.
To be an expert
The way he handled that math test was real gian.
by John Ropinski October 6, 2004
Gian is a guy with an aptitude for many things… some may say genius, although one of those things is not singing. He is most likely a very talented drummer and partaker of scotch and beer. A Gian is incredibly good looking and can grow a mustache in minutes, almost always winning the best mustache contest. One should not enter a mustache contest with a Gian. Gian is probably Mexican with boyish good looks and blue or green eyes although he may fool you by sounding like he’s from Texas. Gian is a champion of the environment, (he’s probably a Longhorn) and may be drawn to careers like environmental engineering or working for non-profits. Gian is smart, hilarious, generous and a good time all around. People like a Gian though Gian sometimes pretends to not like people, and can be a real punkass if you get on his bad side. If given enough time, Gian will usually see the light. It’s definitely worth the wait for a Gian (that, or the effort to stay on his good side). It is rumored that Gian is an extraordinary lover, though to the great dismay of women everywhere, he probably likes to sleep with his clothes on.
Honey, you really need to give up on that sorry excuse for a mustache, and face the fact that you are no Gian.
For the love of Christ, somebody get that mic away from Gian!
by mychickenlittle February 7, 2010
Gian: good looking. He is in good shape and muscle Tone. Brown hair in winter blond hair in summer . Hazel eyes and usually has a great smile . He likes the drums. And good at most sports. vary intuitive and usually able to read body language as well as peoples energy. Men are very intimidated by him and girls are always watching me. He is loyal and out going. But weary of most people and can come off as Arrogant or a dick if I feel uncomfortable. He das not like people that fuck with his friends or him self. And people that do get a kraken, or end up in a real GIAN ! I am Not shore hew his family is , and I think he is always looking for them. I was told he was named Gian after sum one in my family. But think that the spelling was changed from “Geen” to ( Gian )
Go ask Gian to help you. Gian can help you.

I would not fuck with Gian. Or his friends . You will fined your self looking like a Real Gian. Gian is a great guy. Gian das not like liars , cheats ,or bully’s ! If you meet Gian you should by him a beer . He is worth being your friend. And if you are a girl he is definitely boy friend Material. And yes good at sex.
He is fantastic, sweet, a little shy and extremely sexy. Very smart, passionate.

Gian constantly fascinates and surprises me, he can be a lot of things at the same time, and he is so beautiful and strong.

I love my Gian.

When we met for the first time he was shy, but it is so intense that afterwards I was the shy one.
by Ariciel November 24, 2021