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Gian is the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. He will always treat you right, care about you and make you smile. He is also incredibly handsome and definitely boyfriend material.
I wish I was friends with Gian.
by ilove79114 April 03, 2019
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An incredibly hot and good looking Asian or white guy. Gian’s have many alike features like black hair or blonde hair. They are often found attractive and are great guys to have around. Gians also are great guys for a wingman due to their great Asian decent or European decent. You never want to mess with a Gian or else they will send a squad after you or they will come after you instead. If you ever meet a Gian remember to cherish them.
Boy 1: is that ur friend Gian over there
Boy 2: yea he got me a girlfriend

Boy 1:damn I want to be Gian’s friend
by Jake from burger king February 12, 2019
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To be extremely good at something.
To be an expert
The way he handled that math test was real gian.
by John Ropinski October 05, 2004
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Gian is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. he is sooooo handsome and the best boyfriend everr. Once you love him, youll never get over him. he will make u the happiest girl in the world
I wanna go out with Gian
by Dandleeee May 11, 2019
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gian is a guy who is extremely attractive. he's really athletic and is extremely outgoing. he always has girls around him and that's usually because they think he's extremely sexy. gian can be shy but when you get to know him he's a nice person and really outgoing.

gian is envied by a lot of guys. gian is usually a dick to girls because he knows he can get anyone he wants and girls just love his personality.
omg look at gian over there, he's so hot! i would fuck him for nothing.
by sexyyyyy!! July 16, 2009
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