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An absurdly spicy chili pepper that people still continue to use in cooking, despite the fact consuming one will make you feel as though you just opened a gateway to Hell inside of you
I ate a ghost pepper, and now I have flames shooting out of my asshole
by Metallicajunkie October 13, 2018
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A ghost pepper is 100 times hotter than the habanero. Basically it feels like rimming the devil after he eats mexican. Shitting one out feels like hot lava with chunks of razors flying 300 mph out of your asshole. Indians put these on fences to control wild elephants. Also known as Satan Testicals, Hell Peppers, and Weapons of Ass Destruction.
Dumbass: I'm going to eat this bright ass pepper!

Satan: Would you mind licking my nuts when you're done back there?


Satan: (Laughs) Ghost Pepper. My greatest invention, up there with the incest and murder.
by juicebear February 15, 2014
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This pepper is 100 times as hot as the Habenaro Chili Pepper. So, this chili is also referred to as 'The Chuck Norris Breath Mint'
1. Hey, man, I bet you won't eat that Ghost Pepper!
2. Fuck no!
1. I bet chuck norris would!
by Turraaayyy. September 25, 2011
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A smoking hot red headed woman that you would like to insert your penis into with or without consent.
Oh man did you see that bitty piece, such a ghost pepper.

I'd love for that ghost pepper to sit on my face.
by Cat Mohen March 01, 2012
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