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The act of purposely misspelling words even though your phone auto corrects it for you just for the sake of showing how uneducated you can be
Why does this bitch keep ghetto texting me. I don't even know what this mean, I'm white. "I wuz hoping u wuld pik meh up lata kk bi :)"
by PooPooFaceMcgee August 25, 2011
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The act of having a conversation with someone by typing on your phone, but not actually sending the text. Rather, you just pass the phone back and forth to type on, or you just show the person what you wrote to them.
We were ghetto texting so that our friends wouldn't know what we were saying.

We didn't feel like talking, so we just ghetto texted.

We were sitting together, and he just ghetto texted me that he liked me!

by lunascope March 02, 2009
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texting someone when you are able to talk to them, otherwise;
talking to someone via text on the same phone (passing phone back and forth);
texting while purposefully using slang
John: They were texting each other in class when they could have just talked...
Joe: Dey been ghetto texting again, foo.
by fooooooooooooo October 14, 2012
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