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Pik - a danish synonym for the english, dick.
often used in ways of abuse, such as naming etc.
He's a fucking dick!!

In dansih:

Han er en fucking pik!!

James: Yo Jane! Wanna go have some fun with my pik?
Jane: Sure James! Anything for your pik!

by njal March 04, 2007
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Slang for stoner or heavy user of pot.
Cate: I'm going out with ricky tonight.
Jess: Um, why do you like him? he's a complete pik.
by MysticPizza January 07, 2006
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A pik is a comb for a the African American's afro. They use this to make their afro larger. There are also other types of piks. A few of them are Cake Cutter, Fan Pik, and a few others. They are not spelled "picks". White people have confused the term's spelling because they are not black, never were black, and never will be black.
DeVaughn: Yo my homie let me use ya pik!!

Cierre: Man here ya go!!
by Porrazzo April 03, 2009
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