Longer version of the slang word g meaning friend. this word is often used on instagram posts followed by a ⛽️ Emoji.
Ur my ghee ⛽️
🔝 ghee
by Pussydestroyer449 February 18, 2017
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Ghee is a word used for like bro or girl or just a short random word used for tea
Nick:You seen when Isiah Thomas Tooth Got Knocked Out!
Chase:Ghee That Thing Was Like “i believe i can fly
by Baddie_lonah December 25, 2017
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Sort of a scooter fag is a male, he uses phrases "yeah bro" or "sick as brah" are a ghee. symptoms of a ghee are scooters, bleeched or died hair, two or more earings wearing scooter fag clothes or violent or always talking shit and saying they bashed someone.
He just said to me he bashed some kid at the skate park he is a ghee
by Wayne Kerr June 4, 2018
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Using the word ‘ghee’ is a word you use when your fed up with something. It’s also like saying gosh.
Guy 1-“Can I borrow a pencil?”
Guy 2-“Stop asking for my shit, ghee
by dad2staunch August 10, 2018
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Clarified butter, used most commonly in Indian food, sold in some Asian food markets, health food stores.
Me and miachel boutght this jar of ghee at Whole Foods.
by Alan May 19, 2004
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A person who is both socially and physically awkward.

Not to be confused with gay.
Bob is ghee. I feel awkward just being around him.
by Gundamguy January 11, 2005
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Another form or the word "I". Generally used by retared Greeks. Also used, in the St.Louis area, as a way for Greek men to tell their mothers they're ready for a "greek feast".
Ghee ghee wants some pussy, but ghee ghee has two dicks!

Ghee ghee wants some ghee ghee bread and ghee ghee water for my two dicks.
by Lestat104 September 22, 2007
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