Dad:Ok, Ill get the Milk!
*Dad Proceeds to leave the house*

1 year later
Son:Where the Fuck is my Dad?
by Cursed_Spoon September 14, 2019
What your dad says when he leaves the house. He's actually going to Las Vegas and his new supermodel wife is "showing him where the milk is."
by WrySquirrel3069 May 12, 2020
Your dad when your born
Dad : Imma get some milk!
Mom: Okay!
13 years later and your sad still hasn’t come back
by Pogga June 2, 2021
Means fuck my dick
Means boobs/dick/pussy cums
Gets some milk and FUCK ME
Means get some milk and fuck me till u see that milk again
by Abby is a Sheep herder January 6, 2018
The thing Dad's say when they make a break for it. The last thing I heard from my dad.
Dad: Be right back, honey! I'm going to get the milk!
Mom: Just go, Have fun with HANNAH!
Dad: Wow! Thanks, I will!
by SoNotTaylor December 3, 2020
Something you usually hear from your dad before he leaves you and comes back after you’ve become a famous football player
*child is born*
Dad: Sees child
Dad: Alright hun, you stay here while I go get some milk from the store

Dad: Sprints out of hospital and flies out of state
by Freatagahjaj April 7, 2021
The sentence of every disappearance.
-Hey son, I need to get the milk
-Ok hurry back though.
(5 years later)
by ara129 October 18, 2021