Trying to date someone, asking someone out, you get my fucking drift
Hey girl, can I get with you?
by EminemFan01 July 19, 2015
(Israeli Slang) Literally means: climb on top of you.
Actually means: beat you up.
Usually used as a baseless threat, rather than an honest declaratin of intentions.
Be careful, that I won't get on you!

Shimrit: This guy hit on me earlier...
Tzachi(her boyfriend): Who is it?! I'll get on him!
by Yashi and Lilac May 21, 2005
Penetrating the shield of "I don't care what you do to me" and make the person mad or annoyed.
Person 1: You're not gonna make me mad dude, just stop.
Person 2: Your mom didn't become mad either, and i did alot to her aswell.
Person 1: *Starts masturbating out of anger*

Person 2: I'm getting to you aren't I?
by Welshwonder01 April 22, 2015
To want to fuck your girl/guy or to want to be fucked. Can be used instead of "I want you to fuck me."
I just want to get inside you. OR I want you inside me.
by Christina February 20, 2005
1. To attempt to get into one's pants.

2. To attempt to hook up with somebody.

3. To attempt to fulfill the desire of wanting to be in a relationship with somebody.
Ay grul! I was tryna get at you all year, when we gonna fuck?
by ayaybay June 25, 2010
A phrase used to tell people who are showing off doing exquisite things
‘Drinks alcohol in front of everyone’
‘Yo we get it you vape stop tryna show off
by jackalretard April 5, 2018
A phrase that teachers use when students are being annoying because they didn't get the colour of a certain item they wanted.
Friend: "Gets 1 million dollars"
You: "Gets nothing"
You: "Teacher, why did my friend get a million dollars and I got nothing?"
by JustARandomPersonThatIsBored November 27, 2022