ask your crush to go on a date with you
I heard Tim asking someone out on Monday, and that person is his crush.
by Kpop4ever4ever October 29, 2017
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On April 15th 2018, go up to someone you like, or someone that is cute/handsome, and ask them out. This isn’t a game jus ask them.
“Hey Daniel, since it’s National Ask Someone Out Day go ask that hottie out.”
by JessicaMyers678 April 12, 2018
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In the month of November, You should ask out somebody that you know likes you
On national ask out someone that likes you day you should ask out someone that likes you like have a friend ask people if they like you and if they say yes ask them out or if you want ask out your crush
by Your_local_adorable_child November 2, 2021
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