In reference to someone so old that they are in severe need of a coffin.
Duane, Did you just see that old man run the stop sign?

Rick, Man that dude needs to get in the box.
by Pimpin-Smurf March 28, 2008
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to proceed to get on the Xbox One Console to play a video game with the boy(s).
by ICrank90s November 1, 2019
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1. When talking in a messenger pm box with someone annoying, on a chat client such as YIM, AIM or MSN, it's used to say "Stop Pming me" or "Fuck off" to the person you're talking to.
"Get out my box! before I put ur ass on iggy!"
by gRuVeKiTtY August 11, 2005
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reference to Cheez-It commercial in which greedy motherfathers are instructed to stop moochin and procure their own delicious cheese snacks

In hip circles, refers to people needing to raise up off deez and get their own style, own man, own clothes and own fucking Cheeze-Its
1. Mom to Daughter: Hey Becky - lemme wear you new sweater.
Daughter: Dont think so Moms - you betta get your own box!

2. Friend #1: Damn your man *is* fine.
Friend #2: Yeah he's fine and he's mine so you needs to be
gettin your own box, bitch.
by Amanda April 12, 2005
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From the movie Goodfellas. Billie Bats tells Joe Pesci's character to "Go get your shine box" because he used to shine the gangsters shoes.

1: A way of putting someone in their place
2: Telling someone to go fuck themselves
3: Another way of saying "Fuck You" without saying "Fuck You"
4: Letting some one who thinks they are "big time" know you remember when they weren't shit.
Hillary: I am the new president of the United States.

Trump: Go get your shine box.
by Cal Naughton Jr. February 21, 2016
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When someone does something noteworthy they get a shaded box in the newspaper
Many people have done great things and have "got a box", to get a box
by krackalackajackatack007bond March 20, 2013
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