The act of a guy or girl, (commonly used when describing a guy) making (or attempting to make) covert advances towards the object of their affection, typically to illicit sex later on, or 'test the waters' for further advances, typically physcial in nature.
Girl: I asked my guy friend to keep me stable while stretching, and he got too close to my side boob.

Girl 2: Girrrrrl he was tryna get fresh with you.

Girl: I know, I called his ugly ass out too.
by Aparaceu April 6, 2017
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The flirtatious grabbing of the knee (or any other body part) to necessitate a "friendly" reaction from a female.
by natalia March 30, 2000
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Frank:"I want yo' fine ass"
Hayley: "Oh my no talk about get fresh!"
by HJW August 10, 2006
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Make out with or to touch.
Dang, did you see my homie getting fresh with my girl?
by Bob Foozers June 9, 2006
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hey wanna hang out?" "cant" "why not?" "im grounded for getting fresh with my dad
by macky.5 August 2, 2010
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The process of getting clean, by showering or bathing. Then putting on the best of your clothes, prepared to take on the day.
"Hey, Shari, you wanna chill today?"

"Oh yeah, sure, I just gotta get fresh first."
by whatsyourdefense January 21, 2012
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The term "fresh" as it is used here originates from the early 1980's Hip-Hop/Breakdance/graffiti culture. For lack of better words it means "awe inspiringly original". To, "get fresh" or "getfresh," is the act of doing something fresh.
<MC1> "What you gunna do?"
<MC2> "Get fresh on the mic."

by getfresh June 10, 2008
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