Cockney Rhyming Slang for "Did you get lucky?" or did you have sex. The following path is used for this rhyming slang: 1) Did you get lucky? 2) Lucky rhymes with Kentucky 3) Kentucky Fried Chicken 4) A bucket of fried chicken 5) "Did you get a bucket?"
Hey bruv, you get a bucket?... Naaa, she was mingin'
by Whopissedonmyfries August 19, 2010
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A state reached when you're so tired, hungry, and unconcerned about your own (or your families) well being that you decide a bucket of fried chicken is your best option for dinner. Generally followed by deep remorse, self-loathing, and a serious contemplation of suicide.
After working a 12 hour grocery shift, and getting shit on by the dregs of humanity (aka his customer base), John had reached the "Fuck it, get a bucket" stage.
by arnie123 February 12, 2017
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The act of busting ass on the basketball court. This involves crossing people over (also known as "saucing"), dunking on phonies, hitting 3's in the defense's mouth, getting And 1's, locking up on defense, etc. It's pretty much like dominating a whole game by yourself.
Hey, my man Kobe gets buckets all day. That man ain't no joke.

Joe Johnson gets buckets in the clutch.

A.I. used to ball out on anybody back in the day. He crossed Jordan! My man get buckets.
by D-Stupid October 1, 2013
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getting bucket it to shoot hoops or make baskets in basketball
i get buckets, on da court
by PAYTON KOWALSKE January 23, 2008
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having too much swag, balling hard, just being the man at everything
Man, that Christmas guy just gets hella buckets on the daily.

George Clooney is getting buckets like nobody's business
by Bucketgetter November 23, 2015
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Getting buck·et (s)

Verb Successfully getting a basketball into the hoop, at the expense of the defense.
They couldn't guard me, I was getting buckets.
by ballergirl1111 December 12, 2017
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An orgasm being so powerful that you would require a bucket to catch the load...
Herman "Are you about to cum baby?"
Kiki "Quick, get me a bucket, before I blow all over you"
by Crista Rista April 2, 2008
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