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What you tell a couple when their intently making out in a public space.
Cash to Alice and John "Can you guys get a room or something so you won't get cum all over my PS4."
by A Human Male October 16, 2018
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Derisive or humorous comment said to couples engaged in heavy-duty PDA (e.g. swapping spit in the middle of a party) that means your wanton lust is making me uncomfortable (or jealous). The implication is you should get a motel room because you're practically doing it here.
Get a room you two love birds! We're trying to watch the game here.
by mandingoe May 24, 2004
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A comment one says in order to express the disapproval of sexual acts in the presence of others. Poking fun at lovers doings sexual acts in public.
"Dude, Ben and Misty are all over eachother. They should get a room."
by Kiwi Pomerleau May 29, 2004
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Expression used to make fun of couples who are overly (and inapropriately) affectionate in public, and hopefully get them to stop.
Sometimes used to poke fun at friends who aren't together but always argue and tease each other in front of their other friends, by implying they act just like a couple.
"Look at Jim and Mary makeing out in public again. Get a room already!"
After listening to David and Sandy banter back and forth for 30 minutes. "Oh get a room you two!"
by dqhx July 01, 2010
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When PDA becomes annoying to the public
Kiersten : Oh Jake you shouldn't fondle me were at work!
Jake : I don't care your hair is so silky and your skin is so soft I just can't keep my hands off you!
Kiersten : Oh Jake! Oh Jake! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Jake : Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh Baby!
Kaylee : Oh Geeze Get A Room!
Chad: Damn Jake and Kiersten are getting fresh time to yank the old sasuage!
Steve : Oh Chad your cock is so large I just wanna grab it!
Chad: Get lost perve! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Jesus Christ! Ah! Don't Stop SUCK IT HARDER! HARDER!
Kaylee : Oh God Damn! For Christ Sake GET A ROOM!

Kaylee : Fuck I hate my job!
by SlopNChop October 11, 2017
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What someone would say in reference to some intimate act that is entirely inappropriate in public.
Me (seeing a dog lick a man's bare bottom on the street): Get a room.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
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Joke used, primarily in a work setting, where there is tension or sexual tension between two people not in a relationship. In this context the reason for the tension in unknown to observers. By "getting a room" and presumably having sex it would reduce the tension between them.
Bob in finance and Mary in marketing are always arguing and picking on each other during meetings. The two of them should go get a room.
by wm724 September 10, 2014
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