To be penetrated by a male sex organ. Can be used as a retort. Similar to "Get Fucked".
Alex: Your an asshole.
Shannon: Get Dicked.
by Simon Terry September 25, 2005
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When one receives the male fallace in a sexual manner.
Group of Fuck Boys are on a night out after a Cheeky Nando's, and they see a fine piece of meat in the club.

Fuck Boy #1: 'I'd destroy that lesser female!'
Fuck Boy #2: 'She's getting dicked tonight!'
by BinLadz May 25, 2015
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When one gets access to a Dick for sexual activity such as Blowjobs, Handjobs, or sex
I didn’t have sex but I did get some dick last night
She was getting dick even tho they never had sex
by Argon1000 November 11, 2018
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Often used in the military, to "get dicked for something" is slang for being picked for something that you really don't want to do (usually an order). Goes hand in hand with the phrase shit rolls down hill.
Captain America: Sergeant those toilets are filthy and not fit for use by any human being, sort it out!

Sergeant Shitforbrains: Yes Sir! Er, you there, go clean the shit out of the toilets!

Trooper Titwank: Yes Sergeant!

Corporal Cunty: Unlucky Titwank, you just got dicked!

Trooper Titwank: Yes I did get dicked for that, but I'll be finished in half an hour, and you'll still be a cunt.
by DCC John Stalker January 20, 2012
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to get penetrated, to be fucked (especially in the ass), to get all kind of bashes
To get dicked:
- Hey, lads. I just realised, we don't need to worry about the third mine anymore.
- Good old Ken's fucking found it for us. Cheers Ken! Always getting dicked, mate.
by selaflaure July 19, 2015
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What Jaden is trying to do when she is waving down cars in the ghetto with her knee-high boots and busting out 48 EE tits.
Jaden was so sexually frustrated, she hit the talk button and said "I need to masturbate or get dicking NOW!"
by Dan September 29, 2004
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