Verb: The act of being over enthused during story time.
Dude, she was so hyped about the car sale she was Geralding all over the dealership.
by Livinglorraine November 12, 2017
A Haitian man who can't speak english after being in america for most of his life....great cook.... best grandpa cant lose weight to save his life...likes to spend quality time in the hospital
Has anyone heard from Fritz Gerald? He hasn't checked into the hospital in awhile
by GERALD FRITZ November 24, 2021
a book written by stephen king thats about a housewife living in the shadow of her husband gerald well for a period of time he has been in to dominating his wife and doing variaous s and m activites with her. Well one day he drove his wife {Jessie burlingame} up to there summer cabin where jessie decided she did not want to deal with this anymore she tried to get him to let her loose but the asshole was either planning to rape her or just thought that this was part of the game to so he ignored her and she kicked him in the balls and now he's dead and now she's hearing her old lesbain collge roomate ruth's voice inside her head telling her the only way she can get out of this alive is by submitting her self to {28} fucking hours alone in this empty house with her decaying husbane and a stray dog that comes and goes and to confront her childhood molestation by her dad and brother who {goosed} her. She does and escapes the summer house
why would any woman want to play geralds game
by mariah carey lover December 25, 2007
A term for someone who spends time effortlessly building large things with his family, whilst also participating in the slaughter of endless amounts of immigrants


He's probably behind you while you read this.
by Trentthemysticaldixon October 15, 2015