The worst president in United States history and arguably the most pathetic person to ever walk around in the White House. He has fucked so many things up that he probably does not know how many fuck-ups he has committed. Proof that good, honest people are left out of office and that the American people are stuck with lying, corrupt, and corporate assholes.
George W. Bush is the worst president ever.
by John Gittings April 16, 2007
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A mule fucking donkey raping stupid dumb fuck whom was rigged into presidency by his freekin father which at the time had no idea his dumb ass handicapped shit faced son would do terrible things such as let 911 happen,raise gas money,get into a motherfucking war with fucking achmed and all of iraq and well basically fuck everything up in the u.s.He now resides in the white house with trigger happy dick ass cheney while thinking of new ways to fuck up humanity.congratulations bush your mission was to fuck everything up mission complete.
Austin:George w. bush is a total freekin idiot. some guy:yea a village in texas lost its idiot... and I think we found him.God help us all.
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1.The smartest man on earth, IF all other life forms have vanished. (maybe not, he still would have rocks to contend with)

2.The reason many non-Americans hate America (get over it people, just because our government screwed up so bad isn't a good reason to automatically condemn 300 milion people)
by AmericanPride1776 January 23, 2010
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The definition or example of most words on Urban Dictionary.
stupid idiot dumb fool douche fucktard wanker cock dipshit ridiculous lazy cunt are all definitions of George W Bush. Maybe you can find more.

I just bought the Oxford Dictionary of the George W. Bush Language.
by titties6666 April 25, 2009
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A moron fratboy who's fathers oil money kept him from service in 'Nam,kept him from ever having to work and must've paid the school system to keep him out of special ed.The only thing he is good at is GREED and dirty politics.Watch the price of fuel drop just before election time.His ties with the Binladen group will see to that.LOOK AT DOWNLOADED PIC.Thatll explain it.
"While wiping my ass ,I got shit on my hand.There by pulling a George W Bush"
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A person who fails in life, uses "daddy" to stick up for his problems, a corrupted son of a bitch who should be put to death, and an insane asshole. Was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and thinks the "patriotic" way is killing the innocent citizens of the Middle East. By the way to all the Fucked Up republicans: IF WE ARE DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB WITH COUNTER-TERRORISM, WHERE'S OSAMA BIN LADEN! I mean, we have had 5 years to find him, right? Refers to the United States Constituition as a "Goddamn piece of paper", and believes dictatorship would help him rule better. Has used tax breaks for the EXTREMELY WEALTHY, and has put the country in a multi-trillion dollar debt. Used money to get into an Ivy League school, and hates abortion and evolution because it is against god's will. Should be considered armed & dangerous, and is wanted for violation to American & International Protocols, the corruption of the Constitution, the mass genocide of over 50,000 people in the Middle East, integration of Church & State, and bribery and espionage in both the 2000 & 2004 elections.

PS: Some people say if Bush is hated so much, why is he in the White House right now. Well, it is because of the retarted hicks and assholes in the country who are Religious retards and believe religion is the way and science will make us "evil sinners". Go back to school, fuckups.
Today, George W. Bush said that he would put million dollar tax cuts on sports players and CEO's, go overseas to help out with European Poverty, but we still have millions here in America starving and homeless.
by Cyl February 12, 2006
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A president that was elected twice by the red necks. Who many people disliked but still some how was not impeached.
Although he was a crazy drunk and was on drugs half the time and who had a daughter who tried out for playboy.

A man hoe. Who was a money slave and a terrible president.
Many people disliked him. Somehow he was elected TWICE.
I mean seriously TWICE.
Even though he liked golfing in the middle of Hurricane Katrina. He also liked partying with his buddies!
I'm sure the public enjoyed that.

Even so rich Lawyers such as Brad Smoot liked his presidency.
Confusingly these people liked him because he lowered taxes for the rich.

George W Bush will become a president never again.
also known as crunk
by GeicoDevil July 14, 2009
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