When you have a very very very shit day and people ask you what happened and you don't want to go into detail on every awful thing so you just say 'i had a genereal fuck day. So bad."
by talyathepitchfork October 24, 2011
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Anyone born between 1986 and 2010 is a member of Generation Fucked, the period when the decline of the United States became irreversible.
Damn, nobody I went to NYU with can find a job. We spent all that money to become Generation Fucked.
by Idiot Nephew July 12, 2010
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basicly almost self explanatory. If you need further explanation, when someone just hangs around the house or thier job or where ever they are and does whatever the fuck they want because they have nothing to do; its not a specific act. its a combination of various activities someone can do when they are bored.
Hey, whats up man? ... nothin, just hangin out, i have nothin to do today so im just gonna play general fuck around all day long
by MYNAMEIST January 24, 2007
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