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Giving in to the advances of a gay man to either experiment or being tired of self-satisfaction.
John was so fed up with not getting any from his women friends, that one night he gayvin to the sexual advances of Ernest, his neighbor.
by Wes with one "s". April 26, 2017
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(gay-vin) an insulting play on words used apon a person called gavin.
oi gayvin you ginger wassock pass me the fucking remote DickLips
by Tons0fun August 06, 2005
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It’s like a sweet Gavin but he’s gay. He’s that guy who’s only “friends” with other guys to get in their pants. He’s always on the lookout for dick. His only friends are girls and when he’s around them he’s cool, kind, and sweet but when theirs a dick on his radar he goes ballistic.
Girl 1:Wow, that Gavin is thirsty for men.
Girl 2: Yeah that’s why we call him Gayvin.
by WordThinkerOf-er June 11, 2018
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