He walked gayly to the bar and orderd a Pink Squirrel.
by Urple Pingo December 9, 2004
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Man, James was actin kinda gayly today...
by Anthony November 5, 2003
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what ana uses to refer to friends , followers , and mutuals.

honestly a weird nickname but we don’t judge
by jazzy <3 April 15, 2020
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A gay fat ass who claims to be a "ninja" who can kick anyone's ass but scared of everyone.
See wannabe fag pussy
"Ay whos that gay fat fuck?"
"Oh thats just Gaylis."
by Gaylis Hater January 16, 2005
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Gay people, even when taking directions, do not "go straight." When we proceed in the direction we are facing we move gayly forward.
straight friend : Now keep going straight and then make a left over there.
gay driver: I'll never go straight!

gay friend: Now go gayly forward then make a left
gay driver: I can deal with that
by outcub June 17, 2010
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Art Shop in Bradford, on campus. thats not the actual name but similar, the shops good but just gay, lol. And not as good as Calder Graphics in HUDDERSFIELD!
Right i think i'm gonna go up to gaylies and get some markers, anyone coming?
by Mike April 8, 2005
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