When you fuck a girl with your nuts. insert the nuts in her vag.
by goofygreen September 28, 2009
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Something that doesn't exist in nature. Often used in connection to describe an unrealistic business desire to hire an employee with contradictory or impossible to find skills.
The company is Pink Squirrel hunting for their open position. They want someone who can work all day behind a desk, but loves working outside. In addition they want someone with a minimum 20+ years working in nano-tech and consumer GPS cell phone applications.
by Job247 March 13, 2010
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Applies to girls who don't go bare floor. When a girl acts out of order which in turn leads you to land a hard, direct shot straight right above her vag. This will cause the pubic mound to swell up and look like a squirrel's tail.
I came home from work and my meal was not yet on the table. Rightfully, I yanked down my hoe's granny panties and gave her a pink squirrel.... after serving me dinner of course
by J Brizzle September 14, 2006
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A blunt weapon or club acquired early in the playstation 1 game "Vagrant Story". It had no particularly spectacular functions. It was a simple looking wooden club which is found within a chest in a part of the game that is not a required part of the story line to explore, thus easily missed or skipped over. It was merely a plain club with a rather unusual name.
You could play Vagrant Story and never find the pink squirrel.
by Elesdee July 5, 2009
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