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A Clairsentient is an individual who perceives (as in a "sixth-sense") by feeling or having knowledge about an object. A good example of this extreme psychic ability is that a clairsentient is able to visualize an item without seeing an image of the specific item. Like a radar detector, a clairsentient possesses the internal power to see and feel radiation from objects that are invisible and out of site. A clairsentient can read "auras" of people and objects to discover their personal histories. In doing so, a clairsentient can sometimes see visions of the future... situations or occurrences that have yet to happen. Not only this, a clairsentient can even sense the presence of spirits and discover events surrounding that individual's death.
1) I don't have to say a word and already that clairsentient bitch I married knows I'm about to tell a lie.

2) If I was clairsentient like my mother I'd be able to figure out the tough problems.

3) Imagine how much money a clairsentient could make betting on the ponies at Belmont.

4) Congress is acting like an autonomous clairsentient body instead of a duly elected representation of the people.

5) If you believe in Santeria for twenty bucks you can get a clairsentient to read her caracoles and tell your future.
by RevPettibone March 15, 2010
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