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A gay village or area prodominately inhabited by homosexuals.
by angelvs March 30, 2005
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1: A surrounding or nearby region primarily populated by the queer community. These spaces can consist of an area encompassing a few streets or entire neighbourhoods within a city. Such areas as the West End in London, Castro District in San Fransisco, Davie Street in Vancouver, Sch├Âneberg in Berlin or Chelsea in New York.
Let's get out of this gaybourhood and visit the breeders.
by Marvel Knight May 31, 2010
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The gaybourhood as stated in other accurate definitions is the area (spanning from a few streets like "the montrose area" in Houston to the hugest of them all, although arguable San Francisco. Homosexuals tend to live in higher concentrations then other areas (atleast openly) in larger metropolitan areas and like most minority groups the gaybourhood often has a unique culture, with more art, nicer restaraunts and a double-edged sword depending on your view, drugs are often much more accessable in these areas, most likely due to the abandonedment of fearing social taboos.
John- "Hey I met up with Big Bear at a really nice cafe` in the gaybourhood and picked up some peyote."

Jane- "Awesome, lets get together tonight."
by Phungguy August 20, 2006
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