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of or relating to lesbians in a positive connotation; a lesbionic trait.
Man, that chick is so hot and dykadellic.
by angelvs March 23, 2005
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A gay village or area prodominately inhabited by homosexuals.
The West End is a total gaybourhood.
by angelvs March 30, 2005
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similar to gaydar, but applying strictly to lesbians
"She has great lesbidar."
by angelvs February 16, 2005
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Acute dilation of the colon, seen in ulcerative colitis.
"You've got toxic megacolon, ASSFACE!!"
by angelvs August 01, 2007
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like a girlfriend... but not actually a girlfriend, especially in long-distance situations.
She's not my girlfriend, she's my scrononis!
by angelvs April 24, 2005
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not a clue.. it just sounded funny. From the same source as 'Scrononis'
"Scronstantinople!" "What? WTF is Scronstantinople??"
by angelvs April 25, 2005
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