To do your best possible in any endeavor, while in style!
"Dude, you totally brought your A-Game today!"
"No, I brought my Gay-Game, its way better and covered in glitter!"
by Sara-June March 27, 2008
any activity that you don't want to do or that a friend is doing that you think is stupid or a waste of time.
TP: "Why are you talking to that hot bartender all the time, lets go play pinball."
Pete Dick: "Fuck you, pinball is gay games."
The Cooker: "yeah, fuck you TP, gay games, let get drunk instead."
by Pete Dick March 15, 2008
The Your mom gay Game is a 2-player game based around many insults such as your mom gay lol, your dad a lesbian and more. The rules are simple.

The order of things go like this from weakest to strongest:
1. your mom gay lol
2. your dad a lesbian
3. your granny tranny
4. your sister mister
5. your brother mother

"no u" beats all insults but can only be used once per game.

One variant of the game includes the insult "your uncy funky" however this is not an official rule so unless agreed upon by both players this has no effect.

You may not skip straight to "your brother mother" you must go down the list until reaching the end, you must outplay the opponent, which is the reason why "no u" is so crucial.
Guy 1: your mom gay lol
Guy 2: no u
Guy 1: your dad a lesbian
Guy 2: your granny tranny
Guy 1: your sister mister
Guy 2: your brother mother

*Guy 2 wins at your mom gay game*
by Tincongames March 22, 2018
Guy 1:“Hey man have you played fortnite?”
Guy 2:”no it’s a gay baby game”
by Adz15110gay September 17, 2018
when someone entertains the idea of homo activities, whether verbally, through action or both... playing a suspect sport, ultimately
“these gay guy games really have to stop because this shit is gettin outta hand... all pause, no play
by sretaw, trebor July 4, 2019
dude bro 1: i had an gay sex while playing fortnite yesterday
dude bro 2: thats an epic gay epic games gamer moment
by heccs May 15, 2019
When a guy tries to get with girls by acting like their gay best friend. They all love him, and then he goes in for the kill
Zach talks to all the girls about their feelings and then tries to get with them. He spits that Gay Best Friend Game
by T Baby Bone Bean.... July 5, 2011