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3 definitions by Tincongames

Being part of the religious Memeology group.
I am a Memeologian
by Tincongames February 7, 2018
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A religion based entirely around memes. They worship the idea of memes and the whole thing is seen even by them as a big meme.
My religion is Memeology.
by Tincongames February 6, 2018
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The Your mom gay Game is a 2-player game based around many insults such as your mom gay lol, your dad a lesbian and more. The rules are simple.

The order of things go like this from weakest to strongest:
1. your mom gay lol
2. your dad a lesbian
3. your granny tranny
4. your sister mister
5. your brother mother

"no u" beats all insults but can only be used once per game.

One variant of the game includes the insult "your uncy funky" however this is not an official rule so unless agreed upon by both players this has no effect.

You may not skip straight to "your brother mother" you must go down the list until reaching the end, you must outplay the opponent, which is the reason why "no u" is so crucial.
Guy 1: your mom gay lol
Guy 2: no u
Guy 1: your dad a lesbian
Guy 2: your granny tranny
Guy 1: your sister mister
Guy 2: your brother mother

*Guy 2 wins at your mom gay game*
by Tincongames March 22, 2018
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