To go looking for LGBTQ action.
We should drive separate because I think she's going to gay ass afterward which I don't think I want to do.
by PeopleLikeUs January 07, 2020
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A term used on people and objects to describe how bad it is or how "gay" it is.
Aarob, did you see how Ivan sucked john's dick? He is a Gay-ass!
by UWSMapping June 21, 2019
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One who receives an Alaskan pipeline by 6 foot ginger, while being fucked in the ass by 12 guys which is then followed by a circular motion of the human centipede.
izac: want some gay ass
Chase: fuck yeah.
Izac: let's get fucked up in the human centipede.
Chase: only after you give me some Alaskan pipeline.
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Someone who is extremely gay or someone that acts like supper fucking faggot
by ILuvBeans69 December 27, 2018
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