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a stupid defenition which is homophoic and or gay
this is a gay - ass - defenition as i cannot spel
by iThink February 9, 2008
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A girl who looks emo but is not.
She over there is an emo "bitch" lets go fuck her.
by iThink January 28, 2008
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n. A horrible penile problem. You start to have unsightly roaches on your cock, often causing immense itching and/or unexpected orgasms. A very common STD, only gay men get it because women don't get them.

a. To be cockroached

by iThink February 19, 2008
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a stupid tv programm where old people like jane tourville (the odl lady who looks like hilary clinton) or whatever go and show off their fatness and stupud celebs fall down and flash their knickers
dancing on ice is a stupid ass program, dont watch it otherwise you will turn into a figure-skating robot
by iThink February 9, 2008
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Someone who participates in the fun, fun, but also frustrating sport known as figure skating.

Not to be confused with synchro or ice dancing
I cant think of an example so I'll just write figure skater.
by iThink February 20, 2008
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the anal hole is a smarty way to say ass hole
shit comes out of my anal hole
by iThink January 28, 2008
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An individual who seeks menstrual pads from a woman whom he/she is highly attracted to. The pad is then used for mastubatory purposes.
i cant think of an example
pad hunter...
by iThink February 22, 2008
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