By far one of the best (and most known) country singers of the modern country era.
Garth Brooks is a good country artist.
by 1069 December 26, 2005
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The best performer of ours or any time.
"Garth Brooks is so fucking awesome. I just can't believe how much of a fucking god he is."
by Derpy June 28, 2005
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A common slang term for ones porn collection. So called because it represents the perfect (electronic) hiding place for such material due to the low probability of anyone actually wanting to open such a folder.
Dude, I was totally busted, the only flaw in my plan was having a girlfriend who actually liked Garth Brooks.
by aussie_trevor May 19, 2009
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Troyal Garth Brooks is primarily known as a country music super star whose success has spanned two decades. Some little known trivia about Garth Brooks include: He is a gay rights advocate, he had brief career playing baseball professionally and HE INVENTED THE TACO PIZZA. Not even kidding. His wife AKA Trisha Friggin Yearwood who also is multi-talented and a chef said so. She casually indicated in an episode of Trisha's Southern Kitchen (Season 3 Episode 5), that indeed the 22 Academy of Country Music Awards winner himself, created the Taco Pizza. Not just a version of the taco pizza, but the concept of putting taco stuff on a pizza came from Garth Brooks. Don't believe me, do your own research.
Me: "Hey do you like taco pizza?"
Anyone who will listen: "Yah, I guess..."
Me: "You can thank Garth Brooks, the Rodeo man himself for that"
by September 7, 2020
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Country Musak star apparantly very popular with the good ol' boys across the pond.Puts on spectacular live shows.Pity about the shit musak though!
Garth Brooks looks like a giant thumb in a hat
by Aye Yer Maw March 24, 2006
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Garth is the sound made while puking. Brooks is a small stream. garth brooks Is defined as the constant puking of ones guts.
I drank to much and garth brooks my guts out all the next morning.
by John T&T November 11, 2007
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The absolute best musician of any time period. The man is a lyrical genius. He has had countless number 1 hits. Unprecedented 13 platinum albums. And quite possibly the best live entertainer to walk the planet. And to all you haters you might not like him but there's a reason he's the number 1 selling solo artist of all time. And yes that does include the king Elvis Presley
king of country Garth brooks
by dkkong69 March 31, 2009
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