1. Elevator music, produced by the musak corporation originally, it is now produced by a number of companies and played in stores, elevators, sex parlors, etc. to alter people's moods to be more submissive to the predominant mood of the area.

2. The most godawful thing you will ever hear.
dammit! Why do they always have to play this musak on the radio?
by t3kn0 April 7, 2004
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Also musaq. Music played in area's where a prospective customer may purchase a good or service. The mood of the music is made to gently force them to drop their doubts about purchase and co-erce them into buying (or spending more)
TIP: Classical is the best type of musaq for up-market eateries.
by Gumba Gumba February 23, 2004
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Music so bad it's good. Usually originating from the 80's or early 90's. Examples include WHAM and pop sensation Billie Piper.
Get a load of this funderfull musak
by boxheadman September 10, 2007
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any type of music that is so tyte and phat, it causes a misspelling of the word music due to excitement.
Upon entering the club, the musak was so exciting and stimulating it made question my sanity!
by rahilio February 11, 2004
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