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Gaelic Name = Grianaig. Pronounced Greenock NOT grenock. Town located on the lower banks of the river Clyde in Western Scotland.Home to The Heaviest RainFall In Western Civilisation(Probably). Former Shipbuilding Giant,Much To the annoyance Of that quaint little fishing village upstream called GlasgowWho Had To deepen The River And Build a New Town Beside It Called Port Glasgow,Just To Compete see Port Bird. Suffered Badly under Margaret ThatcherWhen The town lost much of its heavy industries including the oldest shipyard in the world Scotts. Probably THE most famous Unknown town outside of Scotland.
English Person,'and where in Scotland are you from?' GreenockGuy, 'GREENOCK' EnglishPerson,'??????,is it near glasgow?. Greenock Guy, 'FUCK OFF'
by Aye Yer Maw February 8, 2006
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Country Musak star apparantly very popular with the good ol' boys across the pond.Puts on spectacular live shows.Pity about the shit musak though!
Garth Brooks looks like a giant thumb in a hat
by Aye Yer Maw March 24, 2006
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One Of the hardest hitting rock drummers ever, First Played in 60s Band The Move, Then in the more sucsessful supergroup Electric Light Orchestra, Always a kick ass drummer live, but in the studio was rather restricted by Jeff Lynne's strict production values.
WOW that drummer is cool!

Yea Its Bev Bevan he also played in Black Sabbath
by Aye Yer Maw July 21, 2009
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The Country thats Above And on Top of England In every respect. The British Canada!
Scotland Is way Nicer Than England
by Aye Yer Maw March 4, 2006
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Scotts was one of the oldest established shipyards in the world it was situated in Greenock on the banks of the river Clyde, Later Merged With Rival Yard 'Lithgows' in Port Glasgow, now sadly gone, all that remains is the worlds oldest Drydock(unused)
My Father Worked in Scotts
by Aye Yer Maw March 4, 2006
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Montgomery Scott played by Jimmy Doohan (pity about the accent)
Chief Engineer On the REAL starship Enterprise, could fix anything and frequently challenged the laws of physics and won!.See Star Trek
by Aye Yer Maw March 5, 2006
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Scottish Stadium Rockers,Lead Singer Jim Kerr. Great Band Sadly much ignored now outside their native Scotland.In the 80's there were only Simple Minds and U2 to get excited about.They have now been eclipsed by their Irish Cousins(Undeservedly).Still around! and actually making better music now than they have in years .Check out their latest album 'Black and White' it kicks arse and is better than any album from U2 since the Joshua tree
Simple Minds Sing ''Don't You Forget About Me''
by Aye Yer Maw March 3, 2006
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