"Hey man that shit I smoked last night at the party made me go so garter that I got a tattoo of a dick on my face"
by Jeffrey Trip October 25, 2012
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An outdated term used popularly in the 1920s-1950s that refers to a man who has sex with many different women or has a lot of one night stands. The phrase "garter snapper" originates in this time period due to the fact that women often wore garters to hold up their tights and therefore someone who often "snaps" these garters takes them off, an act commonly preformed during this time period during sex or an affair.
"Did you hear that Connorly went to bed with both Meg and Sally in the same week!"
"Woah, he's quite the garter snapper."
by The chimney sweep March 2, 2015
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flizbot is a perfect example of the gulf between men and women.a Garter Belt IS Sexy ask any man!
A girl in stockings and garter belt is a sight to behold
by Hamish Bond June 8, 2006
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When someone wears a hankerchief or bandana on their leg over their jeans about 6 inches over their knee on one leg
Dude, That bitch was making fun of my leg bandana, she said I looked like I had a wedding garter on for Asking Alexandria to take off with their mangled tattooed teeth. She said I had a scene garter
by Elsiemadethisshitup October 30, 2011
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Meaning you are in deep trouble. Comes from the serial killers of the early 1800's who would use the guts from their victims to make garters, that were sold on market stalls.
"I have just borrowed and crashed my dads car"

"He will have your guts for garters"
by Willy111 September 11, 2006
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Means you are the next man to be married. But ass to mouth must be performed before marriage will come into your life.
Nigga Imma lucky man. I get ass to mouth and I caught the garter. #catching the garter 2018
by 6Knight4 May 23, 2018
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a person that is obese.
Roxy: yo did you see that crazy Johnny Vegas on telly last night?
Harriet:Yeh sure did, he is one crazy fat garter.
by harriet April 15, 2004
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