To react to something in such a manner that whatever you are drinking comes out your nose. This is primarily caused by a surprise of some sort and the surprise is typically as hilarious as the word itself.
I just about garfunkled my coffee when the monkey at the zoo threw some poop and it landed on a guy's ice cream cone.
by RTOTOJ March 8, 2020
to have sex with a woman with such a profuse amount of pubic foliage that her nether regions look like the hairstyle of the musiciam garfunkle of simon and garfunkle
by pele December 16, 2003
Something/ anything "Whack", messed up, or stupid.
Teacher: "Students, there will be a 20 page essay due in two days."

Me: "Dawg, that's garfunkle."
by Tinted Windows August 8, 2012
A curly haired man who likes to sing with a short man about christianity, peace, and metaphors.
Garfunkle urged me to join my church...
by grape nut October 10, 2005
To have sexual intercourse where the partner simply lays prone, thereby benefiting from the subject's work. Derived from Art Garfunkle's role in the the Simon & Garfunkle group. Synonyms include 'The Starfish'.
Dude, I thought this new yoga instructor I've been seeing would be great in bed, but she totally garfunkled me last night!
by payaso420 April 20, 2012