1. The tiny gnomes found in a garden that are following me in the night and trying to steal my sanity.
2. The tiny garden statuettes that secretly placed a chip in my brain.
3. Any girl that is shorter than 5 feet that resembles the statues known as garden gnomes.
by Bob December 20, 2004
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A little kid who has no balls and sound like it taking up the ass. and thinks they are the shit at video games.
Little Kid. Garden Gnome.
by BwareoftheGnomes November 25, 2008
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A small human being that hides in alleyway trashcans and come out to jump average-height people. Usually hides in packs.
Keno:"watch out bruv, this is gnome turf"
Ryan:"didnt you dad die to garden gnomes?"
by thdang April 11, 2019
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What dumb Lance Corporals call Gunnery Sergeants when they are too drunk to realize that they can't say "Gunnery Sergeant"
Gysgt: What the Fuck were you thinking Martin!
Lcpl: I wasn't thinking, Garden Gnome...
Gysgt: Did you just call me a FUCKING GARDEN GNOME?!?!
by blizard29 August 28, 2009
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Some random dude from the FNG Discord Server who begged me to make a definition of him.
"I would like one for me"

-garden gnome, July 11th 2021
by FreshTrimNiranIsLife July 10, 2021
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